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Neck pain can come about from various situations. Most commonly caused by poor posture and something called “forward head carriage.” That is when your head leans forward and over time creates a straightening of the bones in your neck. This is not noticed by many and can usually only be checked by x-rays. (takes time to get like this) This is commonly caused by long term sitting at the computer or continuous looking down. Examples would be, desk jobs, reading a book, video games, sleeping on your stomach….In addition, headaches can be initiated by neck and shoulder pain. The neck/shoulder muscles connect to the base of the head and when you look down for extended periods of time or sleep improperly,the muscles become tight and can create headaches… in addition neck pain can come from small traumas too. Also, don’t forget about stress, both physical and emotional. For example; working out aggressively in the gym, lifting, gardening, shoveling are just a few examples. Emotional stress can change the tone of a muscle and as we SAY” YOU ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS YOUR WEAKEST LINK”

Neck Pain Relief

Getting checked to see if you have subluxations in your neck that may be causing your symptoms is a simple process. During your initial exam, the doctor will check your range of motion of your neck, by you turning it from side to side, usually it will not be even from left to right…you can check that now, just by looking left then right.

They should be even!!!! The doctor of chiropractic will then use a gentle hand in palpating where the tight muscles are in your neck and explain to you where she may find the misalignments. Simple tests will be performed and if necessary you will be sent for xrays at a local place that will most likely accepts your insurance